Monday, April 22, 2024
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433.57 thousand passengers on foreign ships saw beauties of Montenegro last year

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Last year, 435 round trips of foreign ships were made in Montenegro, Monstat data show. Statisticians said that there were 433.57 thousand passengers on the ships.

The most cruises last year were made by ships under the flags of Malta 25.7 percent, Bahamas 24.6 percent, Panama 13.6 percent, Italy 8.5 percent, Croatia 5.5 percent, France 5.1 percent, Norway 4, 8 percent, the Marshall Islands three percent, Belgium and Bermuda each 2.8 percent. The statisticians explained that the research on cruises of foreign ships in Montenegro aims to obtain data on the number of realized cruises by foreign ships that dock in the ports of the territorial sea of Montenegro, as well as the number of passengers on those cruises.

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“Data collection is carried out using the reporting method. The reporting units are the harbor master’s offices, where the report is filled out for the first entry of the ship into the territorial sea of Montenegro”, the announcement concludes.

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