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Best time to visit Montenegro, Mimosa Festival in Herceg Novi 2023

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Every February Montenegro celebrates mimosa blooming with carnivals and flower displays. In February, many countries in Europe are still really chilly, but the people of Montenegro can already enjoy the beginning of the blooming season. The northern coastal area of Montenegro celebrates the arrival of spring with the Mimosa festival held in Herceg Novi, a city near the Croatian border.
Mimosa flowers are the major theme of the celebration. However, the festival is not only about the yellow flowers, which blossoms at the end of the winter. The festival is also about fish and wine, and delicious food. Sardines grilled right on the streets is another symbol of this celebration that has been present every February since 1969.

Thousands of people celebrate spring in Herceg Novy with dances, carnival, and masquerades. There are a few parades, best costume competitions, and races. The festival features a swimming championship, the Mimosa Cup in archery and shooting, car races, “picigin”, and the “karići” race, that are traditional to Montenegro. For over 40 years, mimosa has been grown in the area for the sake of this vibrant event. Tiny mimosa bouquets are everywhere. There are also dozens of various flower exhibits, so people interested in gardening will definitely enjoy it.

Mimosa festival starts the first week of February and lasts for several weeks. Sometimes the celebration stretches well into March. With plenty of great food, live music concerts every weekend and carnival-style fun Mimosa Festival has become a favorite spring celebration for Montenegro people. Thousands flock here to escape winter in warm and evergreen Herceg Novi, surrounded by beautiful yellow blooms, local media reports.

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