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Bridge construction on the Bojana River

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The construction of the interstate bridge on the Bojana River, financed equally by the Montenegrin government and Albania, is pending the adoption of the draft law on the agreement between the two countries, the completion of planning and tender documentation, the establishment of a two-member committee and two agencies. After these steps, an international tender is planned to be announced for the contractor.

The Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Affairs, led by Filip Radulović, officially confirmed this.

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The ministry did not specify the exact value of this investment, explaining that a separate agreement will be signed with Albania, and the deadline for completing the bridge will be known only after the contractor is selected.

Prime Minister Dritan Abazović’s government approved the draft law on confirming the agreement with the Council of Ministers of Albania on the construction of the interstate bridge over the Bojana River in September of last year. However, this draft law was returned along with others that were not adopted due to the election of the new government led by Prime Minister Milojko Spajić.

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Spajić‘s government re-approved the same draft law at the end of last year, and it was recently submitted to the parliamentary procedure for approval.

The Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Affairs stated that Albania funded the project’s design through its Development Fund (ADF). By adopting the agreement in the Assembly, the formation of a committee with two representatives from each country will be enabled to coordinate, approve the project’s timeframe and objectives.

Abazović’s office previously announced that around €3.5 million was allocated in the budget for 2022 for the construction of the mentioned infrastructure project that will connect the two countries. It was emphasized that the current distance between Ulcinj and Velipoja is about 73 kilometers, and with the bridge, it would be reduced to about one kilometer.

Abazović previously stated that the construction of the bridge in both countries would cost a total of €20 million.

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