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Anticipating energy shortfall: EPCG’s strategies and hurdles ahead

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As the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant gears up for renovations next year, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore (EPCG) anticipates a shortfall of approximately 400 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity, amounting to an estimated cost of 65 million euros, according to EPCG’s CEO, Ivan Bulatović.

Bulatović noted that EPCG has already secured a portion of the needed electricity at favorable terms to mitigate the impact of the Pljevlja plant’s eight-month shutdown.

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“With preliminary estimates indicating a deficit of around 400 GWh, and considering average hydrological conditions, the projected cost translates to roughly 65 million euros,” Bulatović stated in an interview with Vijesti.

Highlighting the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant’s significance, accounting for 40% of production, Bulatović stressed the importance of stakeholders recognizing the magnitude of the challenges EPCG will face in securing additional electricity supplies.

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Regarding the Nikšić Steelworks, which has incurred costs of 26.13 million euros thus far, Bulatović expressed confidence that, with the right strategic partner, EPCG could steer the company towards a promising future. He emphasized that employee salaries are earned and sometimes subject to delay until earned.

Bulatović outlined several pivotal projects on EPCG’s agenda, including the eco-reconstruction and modernization of the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant, as well as the enhancement of existing and exploration of new energy sources.

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