Thursday, May 23, 2024
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New developments in Zeta: Lidl’s entry and plans for logistics center

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The German retailer Lidl has recently acquired land in Zeta for the establishment of a new store and has expressed interest in purchasing an additional 200,000 square meters in the municipality to develop a logistics center.

Mihailo Asanović, the Mayor of Zeta, revealed this development during an interview on the “Morning Colors” program aired on TV Vijesti. He highlighted that another company, Nelt, operating in Serbia, has also shown interest in acquiring land in the area.

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Asanović pointed out a challenge regarding the transfer of land ownership from the Capital City (Podgorica) to Zeta, which is hindering the progress of their plans. Despite this setback, discussions have been initiated with representatives from both companies.

Responding to queries from Zeta residents regarding various municipal issues, Asanović reiterated his stance against allowing the construction of a collector in Botun.

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Furthermore, he urged authorities to expedite the demarcation process between Zeta and Podgorica to avoid potential disruptions during the upcoming summer season, hinting at possible protests and traffic blockades if the matter remains unresolved.

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