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Government of Montenegro adopted the agricultural budget on Friday

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On Friday, the Government of Montenegro adopted the agricultural budget, in the amount of 66.09 million euros, of which 44.72 million euros are allocated from the national budget.

The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Vladimir Joković, said at the government session that this is the largest agricultural budget in the history of Montenegro.
“In the financial statement, the agricultural budget for this year amounts to 66.09 million euros, 44.72 million euros from the budget of Montenegro, 11.49 million euros from donations, and 9.88 million euros from loans,” said Joković, on the occasion of the adoption of the Decree on the conditions, manner and dynamics of the implementation of agricultural policy measures for this year, that is, the Agricultural Budget for this year, Mina reported.

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He stated that the agricultural budget allocates funds for a system of direct payments in the field of animal husbandry and plant production, market intervention and support for rural development measures.

“Furthermore, funds have been provided to support general services in agriculture, social transfers to the rural population, technical and administrative support for program implementation, institutional development and strengthening of agriculture in Montenegro, program of phytosanitary measures, program of food safety and program of mandatory animal health protection measures”. Jokovic said.

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He stated that on Friday they had a presentation of the agricultural budget with representatives of municipalities. Joković reminded that 23 million euros are available to farmers from the IPARD II program for this year, where all farmers are invited to apply. He said that at the FAO meeting in Rome, they received significant funds for agriculture and rural development.

“It is a grant of 10 million euros, and when 60 percent of that amount is spent, another 10 million is received. We also received 10 million very favorable loans”, specified Joković.

He estimated that, with the 63 million euros that will be used from next year, much better days are coming for agriculture.

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