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Hard Discount Laković to build new shopping center in Bar

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The company Hard Discount Laković from Podgorica is gearing up to construct a shopping center in Bar, on a plot of land spanning nearly 17,000 square meters.

This intent is evident in their application for an environmental impact assessment, submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency in March. The agency has now issued a decree stating that an elaboration is necessary for this project to proceed.

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The proposed location for the shopping center is in close proximity to the Port of Bar, with easy access to the M2.4 Bar-Ulcinj highway. The construction is planned on an urban plot measuring 16,951 square meters. According to the document made available for public review, the gross building area of the facility will be 9,890 square meters, spanning a ground floor and one additional level. The site will also feature surface parking adorned with tree lines, as well as paved and landscaped areas. A total of 270 parking spaces will be provided, including 14 designated for individuals with reduced mobility and disabilities.

“The planned shopping center is designed across two above-ground levels. The ground floor will feature three entrances, two for customers and one for goods. The main entrance for users is centrally positioned on the northern side of the building, facing the ample parking area and visible from the bustling Novi Boulevard (M2.4),” the document states. The shopping center will accommodate a total of 14 units, three on the ground floor and 11 on the first floor. Two ground-floor units will span 1,990 and 1,224 square meters, respectively, while the third will be significantly smaller at 260 square meters. The first floor will host commercial spaces ranging from 76 square meters for the smallest to 542 square meters for the largest.

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Additionally, three vertical communication cores are planned, two with passenger elevators and fire escape stairs, while the third core includes freight elevators for goods distribution within the facility, along with fire escape stairs.

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