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IMF Expresses Satisfaction with the Economic-Focused Shift

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For Montenegro, it is important to clearly articulate its fiscal strategy in the context of achieving concrete goals, stated representatives of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). They added that they are pleased with the shift in focus towards the economy, as it is the only way to move forward.

Prime Minister Milojko Spajić met with members of the IMF mission currently in Montenegro, led by Srikant Seshadri.

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“We are pleased with the shift in focus towards the economy. That is the only way to move forward,” conveyed Seshadri.

He stated that it is crucial for Montenegro to clearly articulate its fiscal strategy in the context of achieving concrete and measurable goals.

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“Maintaining the fiscal deficit rate below three percent is an important message to future investors,” emphasized Seshadri.

As stated by his Cabinet, Spajić emphasized that political stability and the rule of law are necessary for intensive economic development.

“I am confident that over the past three months, the Government has demonstrated through its results that better days are coming for Montenegro. The decisions we have made aim for swift full membership in the European Union (EU), and along that path, full economic integration and an improved standard of living for our citizens,” announced Spajić.

Spajić briefed the counterparts on the government’s results and reminded that during the previous period, the government prepared a budget rebalance for the last year, a fiscally responsible budget for this year, and implemented numerous activities to avoid the gray list of Manival.

In this context, Spajić emphasized that meeting the recommendations of the Council of Europe is progressing according to the planned schedule, and he stated that Montenegro is swiftly advancing towards its goals.

The participants exchanged views on the implementation of major infrastructure projects and jointly acknowledged that, with good planning, their realization will have a positive impact on further economic development.

Primarily, it was assessed that efforts should be directed towards strengthening transportation infrastructure through the continuation of highway projects, improving airport capacities, and enhancing railway infrastructure.

The meeting also emphasized the importance of relying on accurate data for projections, which is why the recent census of the population, households, and housing is particularly crucial.

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