Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Mineral Resource Production Surges in Montenegro, Reflecting Upward Trend

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The production of all mineral resources in Montenegro has increased by 0.39%, while the amount of concession fees for 2022 is approximately 14.3% higher compared to the previous year.

This is stated in the information on activities in the field of concessions for the exploration and production of solid mineral resources – as of December 31, 2023, adopted by the Government at its latest session.

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As announced, the Government, specifically the Ministry of Energy and Mining, has concluded 52 concession agreements for detailed geological exploration and exploitation of solid mineral resources, including coal, red bauxite, lead-zinc ore, technical-construction stone, architectural-construction stone, white bauxite, and bentonite (clay).

The fixed part of the concession fee for the year 2023 amounts to 4,033,475 EUR, while the variable part of the concession fee for the year 2022 is 1,100,202 EUR. The total concession fee (fixed + variable) for the year 2020 was 3,335,582 EUR, for 2021 it was 3,951,326 EUR, and for 2022 it was 4,519,137 EUR, according to the information.

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In terms of all mineral resources, production shows an increase of 0.39%. The amount of the concession fee for the year 2022 compared to 2021 is higher by about 14.3%.

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