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Minister of Economy and Tourism: airports of Montenegro can be of better quality with better investment and management

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Montenegro is an aviation destination and we must provide more airlines. This year, we need to decide as soon as possible whether we will give the airports under concession, because their service does not correspond to the number of tourists who come, said the Minister of Economy and Tourism Goran Đurović.

He claims that the airports In Podgorica and Tivat cannot receive passengers if several planes land at the same time.

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– If we decide that the airports remain state-owned, we must find several hundred million to invest, and I am not sure that we have that money. I believe that our airports can be of better quality with better investment and management that will know how to implement it – said Đurović in an interview for Pobjeda.

He emphasized that one should not run away from a concession with a quality and serious operator, who would give a guarantee to do it in a good way and to enable a better connection with Europe and the world. All the more so since traffic connectivity is of key importance for tourism, which contributes the most to GDP. He announced new airlines, which are needed to fill our tourist capacities.

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– At the fair in London, flights were arranged with the company Jet Holiday from Manchester to Tivat twice a week during the summer months. We hope that they will fly from other destinations from Britain as well, because Montenegro was shortlisted for the most favorite hidden destination, so we expect a large number of tourists from there – said Đurović.

He stated that even now there are no free seats on the planes that will fly from Poland to Montenegro during the season from May to October with the company Lot.

– There is a lot of interest from the countries whose visas we canceled for 90 days this year, namely Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries of the Middle East – said Đurović, adding that they had a problem with the European Commission.

He emphasized that It is necessary to attract high-paying tourists from the USA.

– A big problem is the lack of direct airlines, but there are plenty of flights from the USA to Dubrovnik airport. I had the opportunity to inform the American ambassador, Judy Rising Reinke, about the problem of the Debeli Brijeg border crossing, where guests stay for up to five hours. The ambassador promised with her colleague in Croatia to find a model for faster registration of American tourists – said Đurović.
Regarding the winter season, he stated that snow is a problem like every year.

He also said that with the opening of the highway, Podgorica has become a winter destination, and that Kolašin will soon become a prestigious ski destination, as many hotels are being built.

– In Žabljak, however, there is no progress and I think that the local self-government must be more agile and listen to what investors want, and not oppose every investment – asserts Đurović, who believes that the north is a development opportunity and that by developing ethnic villages we can connect the south and the north.

Work permit a requirement for Booking and Airbnb?

Đurović announces that one of the plans for suppressing the gray zone is the possibility of an agreement with Booking and Airbnb that those who do not have an official work permit will not be advertised on their platforms.

– Croats solved it this way. We will talk directly with the companies and resolve it legally and formally – said Đurović and announced the introduction of a tourist registration system similar to the e-visitor in Croatia.

– It requires a lot of money and time, but I hope we will realize it this year – Đurović points out.

Willing to compromise on Sveti Stefan

Minister Đurović pointed out that they do not have any news in the case of Sveti Stefan, but that on this occasion he is telling the tenant that the Government wants to meet him and fulfill everything that is allowed by law in order to open its doors to tourists this year.

– The case is in court, the arbitration is ongoing. If the investor wants us to solve everything related to the passage and beaches within the limits of the law and the Constitution, we are ready to do it – said Đurović, appealing to the investor to find a compromise solution together.

He emphasized that one should always listen to investors and meet them, local media reports.

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