Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Montenegro’s Power Utility (EPCG) achieves strong financial performance in 2023

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Last year, the Montenegrin Power Utility (EPCG) achieved a pre-tax business result totaling EUR 65.87 million.

After taxation, EPCG reported a net result of EUR 52.41 million for the same period, as stated by the company.

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EPCG further clarified that their financial statements are currently undergoing an auditing process, and they anticipate receiving a draft opinion in the coming weeks, with timely updates to the public.

The company also highlighted its earlier payment of EUR 17.18 million in profit taxes to the state budget.

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It’s worth noting that prior to book approval, aimed at avoiding an increase in electricity prices, and the invoice booking with CEDIS, the achieved profit stood at EUR 92.07 million, as outlined in the statement.

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