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Montenegro, A small country that has plenty of things that make it worth visiting

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Montenegro has beautiful beaches, historic towns, and towering peaks, and these are just some of the things the country has to offer

The Balkans is one of the most exciting destinations to visit in Europe due to the interesting countries that can be found there. Within this area is Montenegroa small country that is often overlooked but has plenty of things that make it worth visiting. As a country, it is young as it only got independence in 2006, but people have been living in this place for hundreds of years which means it has a lot of history. Montenegro has beautiful beaches, historic towns, and towering peaks, and these are just some of the things the country has to offer. With so much endowment, this country should be on any bucket list, and for those visiting, here are the best things to do in this lesser-known country in the Balkans.

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Spend Time At Budva Riviera

Sitting in the middle of the water and surrounded by towering mountains, Budva Riviera is a paradisaic destination in Montenegro that’s extremely popular. Budva Riviera’s appeal lies in the numerous offerings it offers. Historic landmarks, luxurious resorts, and plenty of vibrant nightclubs are some of these offerings, but the town’s most appealing offering is its beaches. Budva Riviera has some of the best beaches in the country. Many of these beaches come with fine white sands and are lined up with beach chairs and surrounded by restaurants, cafes, and resorts. Beaches in Budva Riviera also offer opportunities for swimming, diving, and snorkeling, and the general area has spots where one can hike and bike.

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Explore Kotor

Kotor is one of the world’s most beautiful coastal towns. It is one of the most popular destinations in the country as it is filled with plenty of things to enjoy. The town has a rich history, and it is filled with plenty of things to see, from cathedrals to boutiques. Within Kotor is the Kotor Old Town which is the most historic part of the country and is where most of the interesting things are located. In this old town, there are dozens of old buildings and a wide range of interesting attractions to see.

The Old Town also has a fortress that offers an exciting hike. The architecture of this old town is also impressive, and while one can just walk through the streets by oneself, a guide is recommended to get the best out of this old town.

Besides the historic part, Kotor also has plenty of restaurants, hotels, a museum, a theatre, and shops that sell a wide range of products and souvenirs. Kotor is also a great place from which to see Dubrovnik – one of the most popular cities in Croatia and where the place where one can experience a Game of Thrones tour, as scenes from the movie were shot there.

Hike To Kotor Fort

A visit to Montenegro is an opportunity to get the exciting experience of hiking to a fort. This is one of the things to do in Kotor, but the experience is so unique that it is worth talking about separately. This fortress, also known as St. John’s Fortress, is located in Kotor Old Town, and it is basically an uphill walk.

There are two trails from which to reach the fortress – the walls of Kotor and the ladder of Kotor. While the Ladder of Kotor is exciting, it is the Walls of Kotor trail that takes one on an exciting hike on more than a thousand steps and offers stunning views of the bay of Kotor.

The Ladder of Kotor, on the other hand, is more challenging and less crowded compared to the Walls of Kotor, and it also offers great views of the bay of Kotor.

Visit Herceg Novi

Montenegro is one country with plenty of beautiful coastal towns that will make one feel like they are in a medieval paradise. Herceg Novi is one of the country’s most developed places, as it is a vibrant commercial town. The first thing one will notice here is the stunning and diverse architecture, and this can be attributed to the town’s history, which is filled with the occupation of different cultures and people.

Herceg Novi is beautiful and also adventurous. Its scenery changes with the season. During summer, the intense sunshine exposes all the city’s greenery and the coastal beauty while winter comes with snow and transforms the town and its surrounding mountains into a winter wonderland. When it comes to adventures, Herceg Novi has plenty of spas, castles, and towers, and it is also close to some of the finest beaches in the country.

Visit Ulcinj – The Oldest Part Of Montenegro

A visit to Montenegro is surely going to be filled with a lot of historical adventures, and when it comes to this, Ulcinj is one destination to set your radar on. This city was founded in the 5th century BC, and its history is just too interesting to ignore. First, it was captured by the Romans from the Illyrians, and then it eventually came under the Byzantine Empire. After that, Ulcinj came under South Slavic rule before the Ottoman Empire eventually took it. Ulcinj spent a long time in the hands of the Ottomans, which is why today it has plenty of mosques and hammams. One other interesting part of Ulcinj’s history is that it was the base of piracy in the Mediterranean, and the pirates that operated here were not poor but wealthy and worked with governments and powerful individuals. Besides its rich history, Ulcinj is also known for its amazing beaches, most of which are lined up with bars and restaurants. There is an old town here and plenty of hotels as well.

Enjoy Nature At Durmitor National Park

Durmitor National Park is a popular area in Montenegro that’s endowed with dense forest areas, rivers, lakes, mountains, and all needed to enjoy an exciting outdoor adventure. The park has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there are plenty of things one can do here, from skiing to white water rafting, hiking, and mountaineering. It is a great place in Montenegro to visit if you want to spend some time in nature.

Visit Tara River Canyon

Tara River Canyon is one amazing natural attractions visitors to Montenegro must see. This canyon is no regular one. It is the deepest and largest canyon in Europe. Much of the canyon is located in Montenegro within Durmitor National Park, but parts of it also extend to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tara River Canyon offers incredible scenery, and it also offers opportunities for white water rafting on the Tara River. White water rafting is the most popular activity here as it takes adventurers through miles of dense forests and offers views of mountains and the area’s fauna. Hiking, horse riding, and zip lining are also more activities one can enjoy at this canyon.

Go To A Beach

The beaches in Montenegro are some of the country’s most beloved attractions. Many of them are taken seriously and equipped with plenty of beach chairs and have restaurants and bars around them to make visitors as comfortable as possible. The list is long, but some of the most popular beaches in Montenegro include Jazz beach, Mogren Beach, and Kamenovo Beach. Every beach in this country has something unique to offer, which is why visitors have to visit more than one.

At Jazz beach, visitors will enjoy the amazing scenery and have great opportunities for surfing, kayaking, and swimming.

Mogren Beach offers soft sand and turquoise waters, and the surrounding forest-carpeted cliffs also add to its beauty. Locals particularly love Mogren Beach because it is close to the old town of Budva and is also a great beach to enjoy is great for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Kamenovo Beach offers something many other Montenegro beaches do not offer – solitude. Despite offering great opportunities for plenty of water activities, this beach has a relaxing atmosphere that other overcrowded beaches in the country lack.

Visit Cetinje

Cetinje is one of Montenegro’s plenty of towns, although a few things make it stand out from others. Besides once serving as the capital of the country, this town which originated in the 15th century, is filled with landmarks such as museums, monasteries, schools, and an embassy. The town has plenty of essential businesses like restaurants and cafés and just walking the streets of this small town is a great way to see all that it has to offer.
Although the present administrative capital is Podgorica, Cetinje is the cultural center and historic capital of this country, and this is just one more reason it is worth visiting.

Visit Sveti Stefan

A mere sight of Sveti Stefan evokes that feeling of fantasy because the town itself just looks as though it was taken out of a fantasy novel. Destinations like Sveti Stefan are abundant in Montenegro, and those visiting will be met with cottages, resorts, bars, cafes, and plenty of scenic beaches, most of which are lined up with beach chairs and have facilities for water activities.
Sveti Stefan is great to visit all year round, although summer is the best time to visit to enjoy the beach and all the natural scenery the town has to offer.

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