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Montenegro, attractive tourist destination for the Germans

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As an attractive tourist destination, Montenegro has been on the pages of seven prestigious German media since the beginning of 2023, the National Tourist Organization announced.

We are talking about the magazine Petra, the blog of the famous German journalist, NRJ Berlin radio, the portals Westfälische Nachrichten, Münchner Merkur, and, in which Montenegro is presented as a perfect destination for German tourists.

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– Numerous affirmative texts and the interest of the international media prove that Montenegro is becoming an increasingly popular destination for different target groups of tourists, and promoting the concept of a year-round destination is becoming the best way to attract them – the announcement states.

Montenegro found itself alongside world destinations such as Bali, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal and others in the TOP ten holiday destinations in 2023 on the “Westfälische Nachrichten” and “Stern” portals. In these articles, it is stated that Montenegro, with its attractive offer and affordable prices, competes with favorite destinations for German tourists.

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– The special interest of the German media was attracted by the excellent New Year’s program, and in some articles, Montenegro is recommended as an ideal destination for New Year’s holidays – say the NTO.

One of the authors of the articles, Boris Reitschuster, who lives in Budva, often reports on Montenegro, and as he points out, he often has the opportunity to meet Germans, who decided to visit our country precisely because of his articles.

He says that he Is especially happy that he can make the host country better known and return the hospitality. According to him, Montenegrin cities had excellent New Year’s programs, and on his blog he described in detail the New Year’s Eve in Budva.

– During the day, the temperatures are still summer, and people are still swimming in the sea, and then the party is endless: in front of the historical city walls in Budva with the charming old town from the Venetian times, there is a huge tribune, musical stars from all over the Balkans, great mood and a sense of security despite such a crowd – said Reichschuster.
An Indicator that Montenegro is recognized as a year-round destination on the German-speaking market are articles in which Montenegro is recommended as a TOP destination for vacations during the winter months as well.

One such text was found on the “Petra” portal under the title “These 3 destinations we recommend for vacation”, where it is described that Montenegro is characterized by crystal clear water, fantastically beautiful bays, high mountains, and to this must be added the hospitality of the local population and perfect a combination of peace and culture.

Budva is a rather small place on the coast of the Mediterranean, but with its beautiful sandy beaches it enchants its visitors and invites them to relax. If you like to be a little more active, you can also discover a lot in the walls of the Old Town – according to an article published on the “” portal.

Another media that highlights Budva as a popular destination is “NRJ Berlin radio”, and states that the walls of the Old Town leave no one indifferent.

– Bearing in mind the importance of the German market for the tourism of our country, published articles in influential media, such as one of the most read portals “Stern” which has around five million readers on a weekly basis, make a special contribution in positioning Montenegro as an attractive travel destination in 2023 year – conclude from the NTO.

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