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Montenegro, Budva Riviera prepared a special offer for guests from Serbia during the Belgrade Tourism fair

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Under the slogan „It smells like the sea… it smells like summer“, the hotel group Budva Riviera presents its offer at the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade this year, and special discounts are provided for all guests from Serbia.

According to Jelena Kaluđerović, PR and marketing manager of this group, tourism is coming back big time, and according to the current announcements, the season will be more than excellent and by all parameters will exceed even the record year 2019.

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As he says, during the first two days of the fair, they recorded an excellent visit, and there is great interest in summer holidays in the hotels of the Budva Riviera.

– We are very satisfied, and we expected this kind of visit. The Serbian market is very important to us, and guests from here are among the most numerous in our hotels. There are those who have been coming to Slovenska plaža for 30 years and every year they are already at our stand on the first day in order to secure their summer vacation this year as well – says Jelena Kaluđerović.

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According to him, due to global challenges and events in the world, tourism is on an upward trajectory and truly booming.

– The first cross-section of early booking shows that this season will exceed expectations and that the figures that will be realized, at least according to the current announcements, will exceed everything that was in the record year 2019 – adds our interlocutor.

As in previous years, the Budva Riviera prepared a special offer for guests from Serbia during the fair.

– This is our good tradition, that’s why we have an independent performance at the fair, we want to appreciate the guests from Serbia and invite them personally, talk with them and of course, offer them really great conditions. This time it’s a 15% discount on the current prices for this year’s season, which are in line with inflation, and for the sake of sustainable business of our company, still higher compared to the previous year – says Kaluđerović, adding that the guests understand this increase.
– This fact confirms what I said before, that tourism is booming and that people are ready to allocate more money if necessary, just to go on a summer vacation that was denied to them during the corona pandemic and which they and how means.

The hotels of the Budva Riviera are of a seasonal nature, however, as our interlocutor says, this year all facilities will be opened much earlier than in previous years.

– We opened Hotel Palas during the New Year holidays and organized a reception that is always talked about and which is among the best and most attractive in the region. We are very satisfied with the atmosphere in Palas, as well as in our city tavern Mogren, from where the welcome was followed on the square in front of the Old Town. There was a really nice atmosphere in the city those days, and Budva has returned the old glory it had before the corona when it comes to the organization of those big events and gatherings – he says.

When it comes to the summer season, the Palas hotel is the first to open its doors on March 10.

– Hotel Aleksandar, which we usually opened at the end of April, this year will be opened on March 27, while we expect the opening of Hotel Castellastva on April 10, which is again much earlier than usual. Slovenska plaža will receive its first guests on April 25, and we are starting the season in this complex again by organizing a large gathering of students, the so-called Medicines. We know that Slovenska plaža is the largest hotel complex in Montenegro with 1,018 accommodation units, so organized arrivals like this are very important for us – says the interviewee.
In the Budva Riviera, they carefully listen to the market and monitor demand even when it comes to holidays. That is why, as Kaluđerović points out, they try to make their prices competitive during that period.

– We usually make packages that are suitable for families and that they can afford. We are always guided by the fact that business and profit are important, but in the end, the additional value you provide to the guest is also important. This is precisely our competitive advantage and that is why our guests always return. Our hotels have 3 and four stars, they are not luxurious, but that does not mean that this segment does not have its customers. Just in time for the holidays, the arrangements at our Palas hotel are sold out in 10 days after we announce the promotion – says Kaluđerović.

She adds that they will also prepare for the upcoming Easter and May Day holidays, when they also expect an excellent visit, as well as during the main season.

– Believe me, this optimism of ours is justified by concrete announcements and reservations that we already have – Jelena Kaluđerović concludes.

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