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Montenegro explores visa-free access for affluent tourists, extending beyond peak tourist seasons

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For Montenegro, the introduction of a temporary visa-free regime for tourists recognized as high-paying guests interested in traveling outside the main tourist season is considered crucial, as assessed at the meeting at the Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development, and the North Development.

The Director of the Tourism Directorate, Svetlana Šljivančanin, met with representatives of the Association of Travel Agencies of Montenegro.

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At the meeting, the importance of introducing a temporary visa-free regime for tourists from the markets of Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Armenia was emphasized, along with the timely adoption of such decisions so that the tourism industry, in collaboration with partners from these markets, can adequately design offerings, as stated in the press release.

It was also proposed to include Morocco on the list of mentioned countries.

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The meeting assessed that tourists from these markets who have visited our destination in the previous period are recognized as high-paying guests and are interested in traveling outside the main tourist season (pre and post-season), which is important for a destination with a seasonal tourism product.

The Ministry’s relevant department reminded that they have sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the decision to establish a temporary visa-free regime this year for the mentioned markets, following the practice from the previous year.

Association representatives expressed interest in submitting suggestions for the new Draft Law on Tourism and Hospitality, especially regarding the protection of the business and interests of tourist agencies and guides.

Šljivančanin stated that it is highly likely that a working group will be formed, with the aim of re-examining some of the suggestions received in the previous period to ensure that the new law adequately regulates the tourism and hospitality sector and stimulates business in this field.

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