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Montenegro, Foreign trade exchange EUR 3.52 billion

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The total foreign trade of Montenegro by the end of October amounted to EUR 3.52 billion, which is a growth of 47.9% compared to the same period last year, according to Monstat’s preliminary data.
The export of goods was worth 576.6 million, and the import was 2.94 billion EUR. Compared to the same period of the previous year, exports were higher by 69.9%, and imports were higher by 44.2%.
– The coverage of imports by exports amounted to 19.6% and is higher compared to the same period of the previous year when it amounted to 16.6% – stated from Monstat.
The data show that in the export structure, according to the standard international trade classification (SMTK), mineral fuels and lubricants were the most represented in the amount of EUR 174.1 million, of which electricity accounted for EUR 140.2 million and others.
– In the structure of imports, machines and transport devices are the most represented in the amount of 577.3 million EUR, namely road vehicles 180.6 million, electrical machines, apparatus and devices 115.5 million and others).
According to Monstat data, this time Serbia replaced Switzerland as the largest export partner, and goods in the amount of EUR 115.3 million were exported to this country. The second largest partner is Switzerland with 105.3 million, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, to which we exported 74.7 million EUR of goods.
Serbia remained the largest foreign trade partner when it comes to imports.
– We imported goods from Serbia in the amount of EUR 506.9 million, followed by China with EUR 270.1 million. Greece remained in third position with EUR 247.4 million – according to Monstat.
Foreign trade was the largest with CEFTA signatories and with the European Union, local media reports.
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