Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Montenegro’s pursuit of investment in the ICT sector

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During a meeting with the Italian Ambassador to Montenegro, Andrea Marcella, and representatives from Telecom Italia Sparkle, Montenegro’s Minister of Economic Development, Nik Đeljošaj, underscored the nation’s interest in attracting credible investments, particularly in the ICT sector, which holds significant potential for Montenegro’s development.

Minister Đeljošaj expressed satisfaction with the discussions, emphasizing the government’s commitment to fostering investments that align with Montenegro’s economic goals, with a keen focus on bolstering the ICT industry.

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Telecom Italia Sparkle representatives highlighted their company’s leading role as providers of wholesale infrastructure and network services, boasting a global network spanning 600,000 km of optical cables. They also expressed interest in extending their optical network to the Mediterranean region, including the installation of new submarine cable systems in the Adriatic Sea.

In response, Minister Đeljošaj pledged support for the realization of promising ventures in Montenegro, signaling the government’s willingness to collaborate effectively on project implementation.

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