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Montenegro, In Žabljak and Kolašin, ten high-class hotels are under construction

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A special investment program of importance for the economic and economic interest of Montenegro envisages the construction of high-category hotels, which is why in the coming period we will have an additional ten high-category hotels in Kolašin and Žabljak, which will standardize regional development and enable the stay of a larger number of tourists in this part of our country, Olivera Blagojević Popović, Acting Director General of the Directorate for Investments and Development of Competitiveness in Tourism, said for Pobjeda.

As she pointed out, the strategic goal is to become a high-quality, year-round tourist destination, and the actions and results are directed towards that.

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“There is an increasing number of projects for the development of accommodation capacities and tourist offers in the north, so that now in the northern region we currently have 14 four-star hotels with a total capacity of 985 beds in the municipalities of Kolašin, Žabljak, Berane, Pljevlja, Bijelo Polje and Mojkovac. Although we do not yet have a five-star hotel in the northern region, we are optimistic that we will get a hotel of this category in the coming period. “The Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism coordinates activities on the implementation of development projects to improve the tourist infrastructure, which includes projects financed through the capital budget and through the program ‘Improving the tourist offer,'” said Blagojević.

He states that the development projects to improve the tourist infrastructure are primarily the ski centers in the area of ​​Bjelasica and Komovo – Ski Center Kolašin 1600, Ski Center Žarski and Ski Center Cmiljača, Durmitor – Ski Center Savina Kuk and Hajla – Ski Center Štedim-Hajla, but and natural attractions such as Đalovića Cave.

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“The development of these development projects includes the construction of new cable cars, ski slopes, systems for artificial snow, base stations with all the necessary facilities for visitors, access roads, water supply to ski centers, electricity supply and other supporting tourist infrastructure, as well as the provision of machinery for smooth operation ski centers. The implementation of works on these development tourism projects is carried out through the Administration for Capital Projects, and the ski centers that are active, namely the Kolašin 1600 Ski Center and the Savin Kuk Ski Resort, are managed by the state-owned enterprises “Skijališta Crne Gore” and the Tourist Center “Durmitor”, says Blagojević-Popović.

With all these participants in the process of construction, development and operation of ski centers, the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism achieves close cooperation on implementation.

“So far investments in ski centers and development projects in the north of the country amount to almost 100 million euros”, said Pobjeda’s interlocutor.

He emphasizes that the most significant infrastructural activities are taking place in the areas of the mountains Bjelasica and Komovo, Hajla and Štedima, Durmitor, as well as in the Đalovića gorge and that each of the mentioned projects is unique.

Some of the projects are realized in beautiful protected areas, some in remote locations to which these projects draw attention, and it is especially important that the projects are built in accordance with the most modern urban planning standards.

Eight new ski centers

Blagojević Popović emphasizes that Kolašin is developing at a high speed, especially since the adoption of the plan for Bjelasica and Komov in 2010, when the construction of eight new ski centers was made possible.

“Mere adoption of plans is not enough to attract renowned investors like we have on our coast. Capital needs security and encouragement, and this is something that every serious country provides. On the other hand, the state must protect its interests in relation to the mentioned capital, whose main goal is further increase and, if it is a serious investor, a partnership based on the principle of mutual respect that ensures the sustainability of business”, said Blagojević Popović.

In addition to new investments, according to her, it is particularly important to connect agriculture with future tourism capacities, which additionally contributes to improving the standard of living in the north, creating new jobs, and stopping the migration of people from that area.

“This, I am sure, will also contribute to the return of a certain number of people who have already achieved significant professional results in Montenegro or abroad”, said Popović Blagojević.

He cites Ski Center 1600 as the most significant realized project and the first in a series that is extremely important for winter tourism.

“The state continues to make efforts when it comes to improving capacity and supply. Also, there are ongoing activities and investments in the construction of ski centers Cmiljača, Žarski, Štedim-Hajla, Savin kuk Durmitor, for which we are making additional coordination efforts to enable us to put these projects into operation as soon as possible”, she said.

The economic citizenship program, as she pointed out, was introduced with the aim of developing the country, that is, with the aim of attracting foreign investments that will intensify development projects in the tourism, agriculture and processing industry sectors, in the entire area of ​​our country, and above all in the north.

“It is about the total planned investments in the amount of 437.88 million euros at the level of the entire country, that is, the capacity of 2,657 high-category accommodation units. In the business plans of the mentioned projects, it is defined that within the framework of the implementation of these projects, the possibility of opening 1,811 new jobs will be created. Also, it should be pointed out that so far around 90 million euros have been invested in the development projects mentioned”, she said, singling out nine of the 15 projects in the north from the list that are implemented in the northern region (one in Žabljak, eight in Kolašin), and the value those investments are projected at 126.8 million euros.

“So, the construction of the hotel ‘Durmitor Hotel and Villas’, Žabljak, is underway, according to the mixed business model, then in Kolašin, the hotel ‘Breza’, according to the condo business model, the hotel ‘Bjelasica 1450’ according to the condo business model, the hotel ‘K16’ condo business model, hotel ‘D’ with outbuilding ‘E’ based on condo business model, hotel complex ‘Montis Hotel&Resort’ based on condo business model, hotel ‘Magnum’ based on condo business model, hotel ‘B’ based on condo business model and hotel ‘Kolašin’ Resort and Spa’, according to the condo business model”, said Blagojević Popović.

It is planned, as she pointed out, that with the commissioning of 1,129 accommodation units in the north, conditions will be created for the opening of 816 new jobs.

As for the investment problem, he states that deviations from the planned implementation dynamics have been observed in some projects, which is the subject of additional analyzes in the Ministry.

“When it comes to the realization of ski centers, I would like to point out that we will face certain infrastructural challenges, especially bearing in mind that the locations of future mountain centers are far from the city center and main roads, and this is to be expected, because everything that is beautiful and preserved, it is far from today’s urban areas. However, as I mentioned, we are making additional efforts in order to bring the mentioned projects to their intended purpose in the next two years”, concludes Blagojević Popović.

Future mountain centers on the slopes of Hajla

In addition to Bjelasica and Durmitor, Blagojević-Popović also mentions the extraordinary tourist potential of Rožaj mountain Hajla with its slopes Štedima, Ahmica, Rusolija, and in these locations the state is already investing in order to valorize these areas and areas.

“So, these are our future mountain centers. The initiatives are spreading to other municipalities in the north of the country, which, along with the planned infrastructural works, assures that in the time ahead we will create the conditions for a balanced tourist offer at the regional level”, said Blagojević Popović, local media writes.

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