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Montenegro-Italy maritime agreement: Boosting seafarer job opportunities

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The Montenegrin-Italian Maritime Union has embraced the recent approval of the Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of Montenegro and Italy, marking a significant development in recognizing seafarers’ credentials. This memorandum is hailed as a pivotal step towards revitalizing the labor market in Italy, particularly for Montenegrin maritime professionals.

In a statement, the Montenegrin-Italian Maritime Union expressed relief at the memorandum’s adoption, emphasizing its crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by Montenegrin seafarers employed on ships flying the Italian flag. Prior to this agreement, the absence of a new memorandum had posed obstacles, limiting the validity of endorsement certificates for professional competence to a mere 90 days instead of the necessary five-year duration. Consequently, many Montenegrin seafarers encountered difficulties in meeting employment contract requirements, leading to widespread job losses and placing significant strain on their families.

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With the adoption of the memorandum, all seafarers, including those from Montenegro, can now resume regular employment on Italian-flagged vessels. This development not only restores employment opportunities but also opens avenues for the professional advancement of Montenegrin maritime officers who received their qualifications in the country.

The memorandum’s significance extends beyond addressing immediate labor market challenges. It also benefits Italian maritime companies, enabling them to swiftly onboard qualified personnel, thereby mitigating the persistent shortage of skilled professionals in the maritime sector.

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Moreover, the agreement contributes to the education and training of future generations of maritime professionals. By facilitating the embarkation of cadets in nautical and marine engineering programs, the memorandum supports maritime educational institutions in Montenegro, ensuring the continuity of the maritime tradition in the face of globalization.

The Montenegrin-Italian Maritime Union expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, both past and present leadership, for their concerted efforts in resolving the issue. Special acknowledgment was also extended to the Union of Employers (UPCG) for their steadfast support throughout the process.

Overall, the adoption of the Memorandum of Understanding between Montenegro and Italy represents a significant milestone in enhancing collaboration and promoting the welfare of seafarers in the region.

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