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Montenegro: Liquidity coefficients for the banking system were above the prescribed minimum

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Banks’ liquid assets in October amounted to 1.93 billion euros, which is 0.19% lower than in September.

According to data from the Central Bank, the liquid assets of banks in October compared to the same month last year were 36.7% higher.

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Liquidity coefficients for the banking system as a whole were above the prescribed minimums, on a daily and decadal level.

The balance sheet of banks at the end of October amounted to  6.15 billion euros and recorded an increase of 0.71% compared to September, while on an annual level it strengthened by 18.26%.

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In the structure of the banks’ assets, in October the dominant share of 59.11% was achieved by total loans, followed by cash and deposit accounts with central banks with 26.87%, securities with 13%, while 1.02% related to  the remaining asset items.

In the structure of liabilities, the dominant share of 81.4% was achieved by deposits, followed by capital with 10.23%, loans with 5.3%, while other items accounted for 3.07% of total liabilities.

The total capital of banks at the end of October amounted to 629.06 million euros, recording a monthly increase of 2.59% and a yearly decrease of 1.59%, local media reports.

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