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Montenegro, Luštica Bay – not just a city under construction, but a place to belong

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Authentic residences, the five-star hotel The Chedi, five beaches, a unique gastronomic and shopping experience, an intensive calendar of events throughout the year, create a striking identity of Luštica Bay.

Luštica Bay is not just a city under construction, but a way of life, under the slogan and motto A place to Belong. Built in the identity of Boka Kotorska, Luštica Bay is a great address for a weekend escape, a summer house with family and friends, but also as a destination for life and business throughout the year, with a perfect view of the Adriatic.

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Central – for every day on Luštica Bay
Centrale Piazza takes on the contours of the administrative center of Luštica Bay and the urban district – it is an ideal place for all tenants and businesses in the very central square of this international urban community, which already has over 300 homes and 46 different nationalities from all meridians.

The harmony of residences and business spaces, facilities for children and sports fields, was created for a fulfilling everyday life on the coast, and was inspired by the Mediterranean and the architectural model of Italian piazzas. It is an ideal moment for the positioning of regional brands or services in this part of the project, with the entrepreneurial benefits of creating a business, because already next summer, Centrale Piazza will be a new meeting place on the Montenegrin Riviera. With this new neighborhood, Luštica Bay is getting the outlines of a city that has been the essence of the vision of this project from the very beginning, said Milica Starčević, assistant director in the business development sector.
It Is no coincidence that many residents of Luštica Bay have decided to invest in their businesses in this very location – not only because of Orascom Development Holding’s global reputation as one of the biggest leaders in the creation of cities and destinations, potential and business results, but also because a special sense of belonging and energy in this community.

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The first meeting with Luštica did its job – magic happened, I knew that Centrale was for my family, a place where my children would create memories from their childhood, and for me a place where I would find peace and inspiration. Luštica Bay as a city already lives all year round, a lot of my friends have already found their piece of sea and sky there, so we will have each other and the details of everyday life. For me, as someone who is exposed to the public, it suits me the place where I will calm down and find my “two minutes” and where I will one day play golf, emphasizes the well-known regional singer-songwriter Sergej Ćetković, explaining why Luštica Bay is the place where he belongs.
One of them is the Divac family, who besides living in this destination for most of the year, decided to create their business through the concept of a beauty bar, as unique on the coast – We like to spend time on Luštica with family and friends – everyone is delighted by the simplicity of life on the coast, where neighbors are friends. The creation of a Beauty Bar in the Centrale neighborhood is a logical consequence of continuing to live here – I love creative jobs, and this salon is something that was missing in this destination – all beauty services for women and men will be designed through products, brands and treatments according to world standards, for international guests and locals from Boka Kotorska, points out Ana Divac, visionary and entrepreneur of the first beauty bar on Luštica Bay and on the Montenegrin coast.

Premium business premises for lease are a unique opportunity for positioning brands and services in this Montenegrin city under construction, and a great business opportunity in the international community.

You can get all the information about the potential lease via the email address:, local media reports.

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