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Montenegro, Port of Kotor is finally recovering after unsuccessful two pandemic years

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After a business unsuccessful two pandemic years, the Port of Kotor is seeing better days again. During the past year, 434 cruise ships sailed, while the arrival of 459 cruise ships is expected by the end of this year.

The Port of Kotor expects the Government of Montenegro to soon confirm the position of the State Commission for Concessions and renew the current contract on port pilotage, President of the Board of Directors Ljiljana Popović Moškov told Radio Montenegro.

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She believes that announcing a new tender for port pilotage would harm the Port of Kotor, as well as the state budget. The Port of Kotor, when it comes to the arrival of cruise ships last year, almost reached the record 2019, said Popović Moškov. Port of Kotor, along with the priority concession, also has a contract on port pilotage. That act, which was signed in 2020, is valid for five years. The company “Boka pilot & tug boat services” appealed to the administrative court after the pilotage tender. After almost two years, the court decided that a new tender must be announced.

The State Commission for Concessions stated that everything was done in accordance with the rules. Ljiljana Popović Moškov believes that the Government should respect the opinion of the State Commission for Concessions. By the end of this year, the Port of Kotor will invest in the construction of pylons and expansion of the marina, about one million euros. The marina will be completed by the summer tourist season, announced Popović Moškov.

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