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Montenegro, Possible second block of the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant would use coal and biomass as an energy source

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A second block of the Pljevlja Thermal Power Plant should be built in Pljevlja, which would use a mixture of coal and biomass as an energy source, according to a technology that has come to life in many countries around the world. This is what Nikola Rovčanin, the executive director of Elektroprivreda Crne Gore, believes.

– By using fuel in the form of a mixture of coal and biomass, as a technology that has come to life in practice in numerous countries of the world, the conditions for the further development of the energy complex in Pljevlja are obtained. Bearing in mind the trends and needs of the energy system of Montenegro, I believe that it Is very important to use the enormous resources in Pljevlja in an ecologically sustainable way, which also includes a circular economy system – said Rovčanin.

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He said that there is interest from investors in the implementation of this project, without specifying who it is.

– There are ideas and interests for the construction of a powerful energy-economic complex, which includes the construction of a recycling center, the selection and processing of waste and biomass, the construction of an ecological block in the Pljevlja thermal power plant system that would use a certain percentage of coal, and a certain percentage of the obtained biomass, with the elimination of CO2 and up to 90%. But the most important thing is the continuation of the use of the by-products of the Thermal Power Plant and the Coal Mine through the construction of the Cement Plant and the factory of gypsum and gypsum boards, as well as other materials, which would completely round off the system and gain efficiency. So, a chain in which every segment would be used and turned into a product for the market, in a completely ecologically sustainable way – said Rovčanin.

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All this, he points out, implies a completely new value for the state of Montenegro, hundreds of new jobs, reduction of the foreign trade deficit, permanent stabilization of the country’s energy system, increase in GDP

– The idea of building the II block of TEP, which was launched in 2016, but was locked in the same year, could find its origin in the form of a modified idea of building an ecological block, for which there is interest from the level of international companies. Montenegro has an ideal opportunity to use its energy potential in the best possible way in accordance with its interests and respecting all EU directives in the field of environmental protection – said Rovčanin.

He explained that this type of Thermal Power Plant would work on both energy sources “in the desired ratio”.

– For example, it can work 90% on biomass and 10% on coal, and another ratio can be used. If it is at this level, then CO2 is at an extremely low percentage, because even this ten percent of the coal that participates in the production is eliminated by the purification system by 90% of the carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is completely environmentally acceptable according to all directives – said Rovčanin.

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