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Montenegro, Repayment of solar power plants only from April 1 of the following year

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The repayment of the solar power plants will begin on April 1 next year, it was announced from the company EPCG Solar gradnja.

– The invoice for the repayment of the solar power plant has not yet been delivered to consumers, and only after the delivered invoice – on April 1 of the following year – will the warranty period be activated – the announcement states.

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The company said that the project of mass installation of solar panels Solari 3000+ of 30 megawatts (MW) is being implemented according to the predicted dynamics, and soon the Solari 5000+ of 70 MW will start.

– When the Solari 3000+ and 5000+ projects are implemented, 100 MW of solar power plants will be installed, which will produce 160 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity annually. It is a value that is measured by tens of millions of EUR of income per year, which will exceed the annual expenses many times over – it is stated in the announcement.

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Therefore, as stated by EPCG Solar construction, it is clear that the value of the project and the ratio of income and expenses cannot be evaluated on a monthly basis, because the benefits will be felt only in a year and beyond.

– Capital projects in Montenegro, such as this one, require time, work and commitment, and all the constituent parts of the EPCG Group work together to improve this great undertaking for Montenegro as efficiently as possible – we are carrying out the energy transition for the first time in 40 years – they added from companies.

Procedures for putting the system into operation at users with installed solar power plants are now in the final phase.

A large number of users have a problem with grounding, which requires additional work on the building.

Upon completion of the installation of the photovoltaic system, EPCG approves ATEST for users – an expert report on the correctness of the electrical installations of the photovoltaic system, after which EPCG sends a request for the connection of the consumer to the Montenegrin Electric Distribution System (CEDIS).

– In order to speed up the connection process, our services are working rapidly on documentation and reports for ATEST – the statement added.

EPCG Solar gradnja said that they expect that in the coming years it will reach all citizens, because the potential of this energy source in Montenegro is huge, regardless of the region.

– We will repeat that the benefits for users are multiple – the repayment installment is equal to the average electricity bill and after payment the electricity becomes free for the user – the company explained.

The establishment of EPCG Solar construction is, according to its representatives, a revolutionary move in the energy transition carried out by EPCG.

Projects of mass installation of solar panels, as they claim, pay off, both for citizens and the economy, and for EPCG itself, which with such a policy creates an even more successful state-owned enterprise important for the functioning of society as a whole, local media reports.

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