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Montenegro, revenues from the tourist season are expected to exceed EUR 1 billion this year

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The Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Goran Đurović, announced that they expect revenues from the tourist season to exceed EUR 1 billion this year and that there is no need to fear that Montenegro is not an attractive tourist destination.

In an interview with Vijest, he said that last year, Montenegro managed to get close to the figure of EUR 1 billion in tourism revenue.

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– I believe that if the geopolitical circumstances are normalized and if the situation with the war in Ukraine calms down, that we can exceed EUR 1 billion to EUR 1.1 billion in income from tourism this year as well – specified Đurović.

He announced that the state will provide financial assistance to the national airline, ToMontenegro, which is an important support for the development of tourism, and as for the price policy of the tourism industry, it is adapted to everyone’s budget.

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– Montenegro as an attractive tourist destination must have something for everyone. I don’t think we jumped out with extreme prices last year. Anyone who has been to other destinations has seen that it is more expensive than here. Compare only with Croatia and let’s not go any further. Montenegro has a diversified offer for both billionaires and those with an average budget – said Đurović.

He did not specify whether the Sveti Stefan hotel will open in the summer season and when the final outcome of the arbitration proceedings between the state and the tenant of Adriatic Properties, which is being conducted before the court in London, can be expected.

– In the current situation we have now, we are all at a loss, the operator and the state of Montenegro. The case is in court, the arbitration is ongoing, and both parties have requests and complaints that the court will decide on – said Đurović, adding that the issue of the concession for the Airports of Montenegro (ACG), which no longer correspond to the number of tourists coming, should be resolved as soon as possible. In Montenegro.

He claims that airports can be of better quality with better investment and management that will know how to implement it.

– I would not shy away from a concession with a quality, serious operator who would give us a guarantee that he would do it in a good way and enable us to be better connected with Europe and the world – added Đurović.

He believes that In the coming period we should focus on those markets that were traditional before the 90s, from which tourists came to Montenegro to certain destinations such as Ada Bojana or the island of Sveti Marko.
– We lost those tourists after the 90s and it is time to bring them back through better promotion and visibility in those markets. For the next year, a contract was signed with Jet2 holidays, one of the largest British airlines, which will fly from Manchester to Tivat with rotations twice a week. We have interest from Poland, and we are working to strengthen our connections from Germany. As for the attractiveness of Montenegro as a tourist destination, we should not be afraid that it will not be like that – said Đurović.

Speaking about the improvement of the business environment in Montenegro this year, Đurović announced that the Government will try to work on identifying business barriers.

– Many associations, domestic and foreign, point to them and we have to reduce them as much as possible. The most important thing is to create a good investment environment and to give investors answers in a faster way – added Đurović.

Speaking about the position of the national airline, Đurović said that Montenegro is a tourist destination that needs an airline, and therefore we must find a model to help it, to maintain it and increase the number of planes, in order to serve the needs of citizens and tourists during the summer season from those destinations that show interest.

– At this price of fuel and tickets for the year, a miracle cannot be done – said Đurović and added that the model he mentions will include financial assistance, local media reported.

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