Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Montenegro: Russians and Ukrainians in Montenegro mostly opted for IT technology business

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The war in Ukraine led to a large migration of both Russians and Ukrainians. Apart from Georgia, other neighboring and EU countries, a large number of them also came to Montenegro. Those who chose Montenegro as their final destination started their own businesses, usually related to IT technology.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MUP), around 12,800 Russian citizens, close to 1,700 Ukrainians, and 6,500 Ukrainian citizens who requested temporary protection, reported legal residence in Montenegro, Boja Jutra of Vijesti television was told.

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Those who registered for permanent residence in the meantime also started their own businesses.

In contrast to 2021, when 520 Russians and 140 Ukrainians had their own company, now that number is significantly higher.

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  • Since February 23, 2022, since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, we have seen a jump when it comes to founders from Russia, to 520 companies, 3,226 companies were registered this year, from that number about 29 companies were deleted – said Radoje Mijušković from Revenue and Customs Administration.

They mainly deal with information technologies and programming.

  • They mostly dealt with IT technologies, i.e. computer programming, data processing, application hosting and consulting activities, so all these Russian companies that were founded this year are related to the IT industry. As for the founders from Ukraine, these are activities related also to computer programming and real estate – says Mijušković.

They mostly found the seaside as a calm harbor for starting a business.

Most Russian and Ukrainian companies are registered in Budva (1,255), Herceg Novi (660), Podgorica (603), Bar (559), Tivat (181), local media reports.

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