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Montenegro, Successfully completed service of the largest yacht in the world

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The largest yacht in the world, S/Y Black Pearl, recently left the Adriatic 42 company’s floating dock in Bijela, after its service was completed.
This megayacht was the first to be serviced in this unique facility for the overhaul and repair of the largest vessels in the world.
As a reminder, Adriatic 42 was officially opened on October 28. On the eve of the opening, the yacht Black Pearl arrived at the floating dock, and it took 14 days for her service.
The captain, manager and chief engineer of this megayacht shared their experiences from the Adriatic 42, and how the service preparations for one of the most demanding yachts in terms of overhaul went.
As they stated, the company Adriatic 42 showed absolute professionalism and full dedication in the realization of a very demanding job.
– Adriatic 42 had the perfect schedule for us, especially in terms of our cruise plan for the rest of the year, as Black Pearl will be sailing to the Caribbean for the first time. We had a very good meeting with the team from the Adriatic 42 company, with Drydocks World Dubai management, who defined in detail how to manage the project in the safest way. Adriatic 42 managed to pack all the additional works into our plan, so there was no extension of deadlines, which is very important for us and for the team, due to the upcoming change in weather conditions. In addition, the price was very favorable and attractive for us – said S/Y Black Pearl manager Derek Munro.
Black Pearl is a three-masted sailing vessel, 107 meters long, with a modern so-called DynaRig sail control system. It has three large masts made of carbon fiber.
The company Adriatic 42 says that such an imposing floating facility has reopened a new, more modern and sustainable era of ship overhaul in Bijela.
– We are honored to have serviced the largest yacht in the world at the very beginning of the Adriatic 42 development. Undoubtedly, this would not be possible if concessionaires PM Holdings LLC, i.e. Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) and Drydocks World Dubai, were not behind everything. These companies, in the yachting world, are synonymous with reliability and the best possible service, according to the highest global standards. We provided just that during the Black Pearl service and showed why the Adriatic 42 is really a flywheel for the redevelopment of yachting repairs in Montenegro – the company says.
As they stated, overhaul activities continue on the new ship, which is already in the floating dock, local media reports.
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