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Montenegro, The monopoly on airports should not be transferred into a private one

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The state monopoly should not be translated into a private one, with the possibility of financing one’s own development at a satisfactory speed and management that will be governed exclusively by professional standards, said Airport Executive Director Vladan Drašković.
He told Vijesti that due to the multi-year delay in making a decision on the model of future development, the situation has arisen where the capacities of both airports are becoming more and more difficult to provide an adequate basis for a high-quality way of serving the growing volume of traffic.
– I am not an opponent of the concession by automatism, but even less a representative of auto(neo) colonial theses according to which, due to our allegedly traditional laziness, we have no more meaningful choice than to look for systemic virtues and business, i.e. economic efficiency in someone else. That someone else does not come to develop us for our own sake, but for his own profit – said Draškokvic.
In such arrangements, development is, as he stated, a side effect of the function of maximizing profit for the user of the concession, and only improvements that are framed by pre-contracted obligations are certain.
He said that the concession is a legitimate model, there are examples of effective modernization under private management, with the fact that the loss of management influence is the price that society must pay by entering this type of public-private partnership.
– Honesty in self-assessment is very important. If we can’t invest on our own or if we don’t know how to act rationally, with the passage of time we will have fewer and fewer quality options. In a changing environment, long-term stagnation in development will sooner or later produce a halt in functioning. And then the choice comes down to improvisation. The worst solution is procrastination – said Drašković.
He added that the assessment of all factors and decisions on the topic of what is better (or less bad) is ultimately up to the owner, that is, the Government.
He said that the total revenues of ACG for the first ten months are about EUR 29 million, and that the incentives to which airlines are entitled during the calendar year are finally calculated in December, so that the real picture will be seen after the winter balance reduction.
– The currently reported revenues also include the part that essentially belongs to the airlines, so it is ungrateful to give an estimate of the results, but we expect to end this business year with an operating profit of over three million EUR – said Drašković, local media writes.
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