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Montenegro’s road to transformation: Major infrastructure projects aimed at overhauling transportation by 2030

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Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Milojko Spajić, has unveiled plans for six key infrastructure projects aimed at improving road transportation, set to be completed by 2030. Among these projects are the construction of two highways: Bar – Boljare, focusing on the priority section Mateševo – Andrijevica, and the Adriatic-Ionian Highway. Additionally, there are proposals for rapid roads linking Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja, Sarajevo, Bar, Ulcinj, and Albania, as well as a Budva bypass, Luštica – Croatia connection, and Andrijevica – Peć route. Estimated at around seven billion euros, these endeavors mark a significant investment for Montenegro’s infrastructure.

During an appearance on the TVCG program “Budimo budni – pitajte Vladu,” Tripković stressed the inconvenience caused by lengthy travel between cities, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced infrastructure. He welcomed the forthcoming Dubrovnik – Bar maritime route as a potential solution to alleviate traffic congestion.

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Furthermore, plans are in motion for a bypass around Boka Kotorska Bay and the development of the Boulevard Jaz – Tivat. Despite anticipated traffic congestion in the upcoming season, Tripković expressed optimism about infrastructure progress, particularly concerning highways.

While Tripković believes the completion of these projects by 2030 is feasible with collective commitment, challenges such as government transitions and workforce shortages may impact timelines. Nonetheless, he remains hopeful about achieving these ambitious objectives, even if the timeline extends beyond 2030.

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Regarding specific projects, potential delays may arise due to compliance with European regulations and ongoing investigations, such as the Lubnice – Jezerine road connection with the SPO. Despite challenges, Tripković emphasized the importance of maintaining momentum in infrastructure development to meet Montenegro’s evolving transportation needs.

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