Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Montenegro’s Ministry of Finance embraces inclusive approach to fiscal policy reform

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The Ministry of Finance, under the leadership of Minister Novica Vuković, has outlined its primary goals: to implement responsible and transparent fiscal policies, elevate employment standards, and foster a conducive business environment for economic activities, all while ensuring stable public finances.

This declaration follows statements from the Union of Free Trade Unions, emphasizing that any pension reforms should not be unilaterally decided by the government.

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The Ministry underscores that, during an interview with Voice of America, Minister Vuković discussed forthcoming reforms planned by the 44th Government. These reforms will be integral components of the Fiscal Strategy, the cornerstone document guiding fiscal policy during the current government’s term. They emphasize that decisions affecting employee conditions and the business landscape will be thoroughly examined and deliberated upon through tripartite dialogue involving the government, trade unions, and employers. This approach, they stress, is both essential and legally mandated.

Highlighting the importance of social dialogue rooted in mutual trust, the Ministry points to past instances where inclusive discussions led to significant policy amendments, such as those related to pension and disability insurance laws and proposed labor law changes.

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The Ministry reiterates that planned reforms will not be imposed solely by the government but will instead emerge from consensus among social partners. This collaborative approach aims to craft the most beneficial solutions for citizens. Labor market, pension, social, and other reforms will thus not be dictated unilaterally by the government—a precedent that has not been set previously.

Closing the statement, the Ministry reaffirms its commitment to cooperation, emphasizing its openness to inclusive policymaking that serves the interests of all citizens of Montenegro.

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