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Montenegro’s transportation sector: Progress in highways, air travel and railways

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Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Filip Radulović, announced a forthcoming pre-qualification tender for the Mateševo – Andrijevica highway section, anticipating significant interest from renowned global firms equipped with suitable technology for the task, as stated by the Ministry.

“We’ve diligently paved the way for the pre-qualification tender announcement for the Mateševo – Andrijevica segment. We foresee robust interest from respected international firms capable of tackling this crucial endeavor with their advanced technology,” shared Radulović in an interview with Mina-business agency.

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He disclosed plans to issue a general tender in the first half of the year, aiming to secure a contractor by year-end or early next year.

“We’re poised to receive a substantial grant of 40% of the project’s total value from the European Commission, the largest single grant Montenegro has ever received. Additionally, we’ll obtain €200 million in favorable loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD),” Radulović highlighted.

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He emphasized their commitment to infrastructure development, outlining plans to initiate or complete nine more highway sections over the next six years, including the Mateševo – Andrijevica route, among others.

Radulović stressed the importance of these projects for enhancing connectivity within Montenegro and with neighboring countries, promoting traffic safety.

“We’re implementing a new oversight approach. It’s not just about the construction’s start and end but continual monitoring to ensure contractors meet their obligations and project timelines,” Radulović emphasized.

Regarding air travel readiness, Radulović noted the successful performance of Aerodromi Crne Gore and Air Montenegro, expressing optimism for the upcoming tourism season.

“Aerodromi Crne Gore has already surpassed its 2019 records in the first half of this year, indicating a promising tourist season ahead. We’re proud of this achievement. With connections to 40 destinations, the airports are fully prepared,” he said.

Radulović discussed the government’s efforts to improve airport infrastructure, including ongoing concession procedures.

“By the summer’s end, we expect three concession offers, enabling the government to determine whether to accept any or revise the tender. Alternatively, the government may retain control, investing in airport infrastructure independently,” he explained.

He also praised Air Montenegro’s profitability and fleet expansion, highlighting its role in maintaining connectivity during the off-peak season.

In addition to highways and air travel, Radulović addressed railway modernization, emphasizing the significance of rail infrastructure for economic development.

“We’re committed to completing railway projects, securing financing, and improving management efficiency to revitalize the sector,” he concluded.

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