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New Age Energy Tri plans to build a solar power plant in Nikšić

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The Nikšić-based company New Age Energy Tri plans to construct a solar power plant with a capacity of 68 MW in the area of KO Trepča, within the municipality of Nikšić. The solar plant will be built on an area of 698,742 m², with a projected total annual production of 110 GWh.

The solar power plant (SE) New Energy is planned on cadastral parcels 30/9, 51/2, 51/5, KO Trepča. The investor has submitted a request to the Environmental Protection Agency for a decision on the need for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

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Project characteristics include:

  • Individual module power: 600 kWp
  • Total number of modules: 136,000 units
  • Total power on the DC side: 81.6 MWp
  • Nominal power of an individual inverter: 200 kW
  • Maximum power of an individual inverter: 215 kW
  • Nominal power of the plant (AC side): 68 MW
  • Total annual production: 110 GWh

“The location of the New Energy solar power plant is favorable considering solar irradiation, the fact that there is no shading, and the high number of sunny days without clouds and fog. From the perspective of connecting to the power grid, the location is also very favorable,” explained the document.

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The plant will be directly connected to the power distribution network (on-grid), meaning that all produced electricity will be delivered to the power transmission system. The energy needed during production and for the plant’s idle state will be sourced from the grid.

Through a 35kV cable network, individual units for electricity production will be connected to the future 110/35kV substation, through which the SE New Energy will be further connected to the Montenegro transmission grid on the 110kV Nikšić-Vilusi (Bileća(BiH)) transmission line.

Regarding the transmission infrastructure and potential connection points, the location of the plant is positioned so that, at a distance of about 5 km, there is an existing 110kV transmission line Nikšić-Vilusi, while at a distance of about 20 km, there is the 110kV Nikšić substation.

“With a larger number of power plants appearing in this area, the Montenegrin Transmission System (CGES) has designated a new RP 110 kV as the connection point for all of them,” the document states.

As a reminder, the government issued urban-technical conditions for the construction of this solar power plant to the company New Age Energy Tri in the middle of last year.

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