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Podgorica consortium signs 30-year lease for Sinjajevina wind farm development

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The Ministry of Spatial Planning, Urbanism and State Property has recently finalized a significant long-term lease agreement, spanning 30 years, for state-owned land earmarked for the development of a wind farm project at the Sinjajevina site within the Šavnik municipality. This pivotal agreement involves a consortium comprising Podgorica-based entities N1, Sistem-MNE, and Permonte, as confirmed by statements from the ministry to Pobjeda.

N1 is jointly owned by Nebojša Kažić and Milan Rapaić, each holding a 25% stake in the company’s capital. Notably, half of N1’s ownership is attributed to Sistem MNE, a firm specializing in production, trade, and services, under the ownership of Ljubiša Bošković, who constitutes the second member of the consortium. Permonte, owned by Branka Vujadinović, completes the trio.

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Specializing in engineering activities and technical consulting, Permonte and Sistem MNE were respectively established in 2008 and 2013.

According to the ministry, led by Janko Odović, the consortium emerged as the sole bidder for the lease of state-owned land, a crucial step in advancing the wind farm project on Sinjajevina.

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The tender for the 30-year lease of state land at Sinjajevina was officially announced on February 14, with interested parties required to submit their applications by March 1.

Remarkably, the consortium of three Podgorica-based companies swiftly secured the documentation within the stipulated timeframe, emerging as the sole participant in the tender process.

Given that the consortium met all the specified criteria outlined in the tender, the Ministry proceeded to formalize a long-term lease agreement with them, marking a significant milestone in the development of the wind farm project.

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