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Nikšić’s economic expansion: Investment initiatives and employment prospects

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Several projects in Nikšić are on the brink of becoming reality, with plans for the arrival of BIG Fashion, which is expected to create around 300 job opportunities. Lidl has already acquired land in Nikšić and is eyeing another parcel for the construction of an additional facility.

Nemanja Vuković, President of the Nikšić Municipal Assembly, shared these insights with RTV Nikšić.

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“Additionally, other Montenegrin economic entities are planning the construction of new shopping centers and commercial establishments. All of these developments signal potential growth for Nikšić, complementing our own initiatives,” Vuković remarked.

He expressed optimism about maximizing the potential of the Ironworks in the region.

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“I am confident that investors will seize the opportunity, leading to the revitalization of facilities and the creation of new employment opportunities,” Vuković emphasized.

Political stability is cited as a crucial factor for the successful realization of these investments.

“While we have achieved stability at the local level, regrettably, it has not been consistent at the national level. Nonetheless, we have secured these investments, pending the approval of amendments to the Spatial Plan,” Vuković added.

Marko Kovačević, Mayor of Nikšić, also discussed the investments of these two companies during an interview on RTCG’s program “Link”.

“Following the adoption of the municipal planning document, both Lidl and BIG Fashion will be able to proceed with their investments, potentially creating an additional 500 jobs,” Kovačević highlighted.

“We are eagerly awaiting the approval of the municipal planning document. Once in place, both Lidl and BIG Fashion will move forward with their investments, leading to the creation of additional employment opportunities,” he concluded.

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