Thursday, May 23, 2024
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The Casa del Mare family is expecting a new member next year, a hotel in Budva

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The Casa Del Mare hotel group will open a hotel in Budva next year, announced founder and CEO Nikola Milić. As he said, it will be the first Casa del Mare hotel on the Budva Riviera. He also announced that their company Casa Hospitality Management will manage the Wulfenia Hotel in Kolašin, which will be opened in 2024.

The owners of the group, Milena and Nikola Milić, last night in the Boutique Hotel & Spa Casa del Mare – Mediterraneo restaurant with staff, partners and friends, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro and the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism in technical mandate, Goran Đurović, marked another challenging and successful business year.

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Greeting the guests, Nikola Milić said that his heart was full when he remembered how they built the hotel and restaurant in a challenging period while they were expecting their third child, Vuk:

– Milena and I don’t lack such moments in life. We have always built our family and our company side by side. And always with the help of friends and partners. With your help. That is why it is of great importance to us to celebrate the year that is behind us, which is really one of the most successful in terms of business that we have had so far, with you – said Milić.

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He reminded that this year they finally realized their desire and intention to form a white label hotel management company, Casa Hospitality Management, which handles all phases of hotel projects and their management. In this way, they want to make the accumulated knowledge and experience of the entire team available to investors.

– We are glad that Casa Hospitality Management has already been recognized and we are honored to announce that it will manage the Wulfenia hotel in Kolašin, which we are developing together with our friends from BB Invest Group and which will open its doors in 2024. This is our first project in the north of Montenegro, and we are looking forward to bringing a little of our spirit to that community, but also to learn a lot of new things from it – said Milić.
The Casa del Mare family is expecting a new member next year, a hotel in Budva, which they are carefully developing with their investor partners, the company Internacional Budva. This hotel, the first Casa del Mare hotel on the Budva Riviera, will be, Milić is sure, another place where the world will gladly gather.

He also reminded that this year was crowned with the award for management improvement awarded to him by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro.

– This award may have been addressed to me personally, but it belongs to every member of our team equally. Because the value we create at Casa del Mare is created through joint effort and work. We create as one big family, which wants to transfer that feeling of warmth and togetherness to its partners, associates and guests. I hope we succeed in that.

The last three years were difficult and challenging, but they also brought good things, Milić pointed out. They confirmed the quality partnerships and friendships they have with the associates, partners and already friends of Casa del Mare.

At the end, he announced the news that made the Casa del Mare team especially happy.

– The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development supported us through the Blue Ribbon project, which lasts for 5 years and implies that the EBRD will be an integral part of our company in the future. That it will be a kind of support for us, a source of knowledge and experience, and a guarantor of our further unquestionable growth. Their support meant a lot to us until now – through the projects of local consultants, and especially through the international project thanks to which we worked for two years with renowned international experts in the field of the hotel industry – said Milić and thanked the representatives of the office in Podgorica, who were also guests. New Year’s cocktail.

Matija Dautović from the EBRD office said that they started cooperating with Milena and Nikola, that is, their company, in 2015.

– We recognized in them a missionary business vision. They believed and made us believe in their success. We gave them support, and they crossed the local borders a long time ago. Our goal is for Casa del Mare to be an example of successful business in Montenegro and beyond – said Dautović for local media.

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