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The company Bonesa is investing – The former business building Simpo in Bar is becoming a 4-star hotel

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The company Bonesa from Bar is planning the reconstruction of the former business building Simpo and its conversion into a four-star hotel in the Topolica-Bjeliša area of ​​Bar.

The existing business building Simpo is located in the urban core, more precisely in the block where there are several public buildings.

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The building itself has been abandoned for the past ten years. The building’s roof and facade are in extremely poor condition. The steel structure of the building is perfectly preserved and can fully satisfy the new purpose of the building.

The existing building has completely retained its shape and form. It remained the same size and number of floors. The main intervention on the building is the replacement of the facade envelope of the building, which now follows the functional solution of the building. Interventions are planned inside the facility:

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replacement of existing vertical communications

formation of an economic service elevator

redesign of the existing gallery space

The main intention of the designer was to create an efficient functional complex for a 4* business hotel within the boundaries of the existing building, which, with a carefully selected project approach, will create a building that fits into the urban reality of the city.

The subject of the project is the reconstruction of the building in the existing dimensions due to its conversion into a 4-star hotel, which is planned to be built in Bar, with a total gross area of ​​3,936 m2, which will extend to the ground floor with a gallery and 4 floors.

The existing building has completely retained its shape and form, and the main intervention on the building is the replacement of the facade, and within the building, the replacement of existing vertical communications, the creation of a service elevator, and the redesign of the existing gallery space are planned, according to the project documentation.

It is planned that the hotel will contain 47 accommodation units. The hotel is equipped with all the necessary installations, and a modern hotel complex with additional facilities is overlooked.

The company Bonesa was founded in 1997, and is primarily engaged in the import, distribution and production of food.


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