Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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The French company Bouygues Batiment International is interested in constructing a hospital in Podgorica

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The French company Bouygues Batiment International has expressed interest in constructing a hospital in Podgorica, as announced by the Government.

As stated, stronger infrastructure cooperation between Montenegro and France was one of the key topics of the meeting between Prime Minister Milojko Spajić and French President Emmanuel Macron, during which it was also agreed to sign an Agreement between the governments of France and Montenegro (GtoG).

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In this context, during the meeting with representatives of Bouygues Batiment International, interest of the company in building a hospital in Podgorica was expressed.

“Taking into account that there have been reports in the media in recent days about sanctions imposed by the World Bank against this company, related to a project in Madagascar from 2015, it is important to emphasize that an agreement was reached between the company and the World Bank on this matter through negotiations,” the statement said.

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The Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Montenegro has reviewed a document issued by the World Bank on January 4th, 2023, stating that Bouygues Batiment International has met all the requirements of the World Bank and that the revised Bouygues’ business procedure, standards, and practices are considered to be World Bank standards, which are the highest standards in terms of ethics and compliance.

“Over the past years, and even after the aforementioned settlement, the Bouygues group has worked for various highly esteemed public and private clients, including support for prestigious financial institutions and various state export credit agencies such as BPI France and UKEF. These clients, financial institutions, and government agencies apply the highest ethical standards and compliance standards and consider Bouygues Batiment International to adhere to these standards,” the statement concludes.

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