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The goal is to have the entire railway line from Bar to the border with Serbia reconstructed by 2029

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Minister of Transportation and Maritime Affairs Filip Radulović said that his goal is to have the railway line from Bar to the border with Serbia completely reconstructed by 2029.

“We are planning to apply for three projects through the Western Balkans Framework in February of this year, and all three projects relate to the railway sector,” Radulović stated.

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On the other hand, he mentioned that there are significant issues within railway transportation companies and expressed considerable concern about the state of the sector.

“The problems include debts, lack of skilled personnel, and surplus employees. All of this paints a complex picture. I believe we are catching the last train for a reaction. Tomorrow, at the Government session, I will propose merging the companies Maintenance of Railway and Rolling Stock (OŽVS) and Montenegrin Railways (ŽPCG). I consider this the only way to avoid bankruptcy, and I expect support,” Radulović stated.

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There will be fewer boards of directors and executive directors, and a social program will be implemented for some employees.

“We are working, building, not stopping, and we have a clear vision of how Montenegro will look in six years, and we are not deviating from that plan by a millimeter,” Radulović concluded.

Regarding the operations of maritime companies, he mentioned that Montenegrin Shipping Company cannot repay loans for ships it has with Exim Bank, and that is one of the reasons why he will suspend bonus payments in that company.

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