Monday, April 22, 2024
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The government should open the issue of economic citizenship

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The Socialist People’s Party (SNP) has called on the government and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Filip Ivanović, to open the issue of economic citizenship with the European Commission (EC).

The Secretary of the Executive Board of the Main Board of the SNP, Dragan Vukić, stated that economic citizenship must have an alternative so that a similar program can continue in a way that is acceptable to the European Union (EU) and would satisfy Montenegro’s interests in economic development.

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“We can and must allocate funds from the paid fees to increase salaries for all those with whom sectoral collective agreements have been signed and to linearly increase pensions for pensioners,” Vukić stated.

According to the Investment Agency data, from the beginning of the economic citizenship program until its abolition, a total of 807 citizenships were granted.

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“The economic benefits were enormous, which gives us the right to seek an alternative from the EU and for the granting of economic citizenships to be with their consent, but without total abolition. This is a solution that guarantees greater investment in Montenegro,” Vukić believes.

He concluded that this will not jeopardize the functioning of the system and will have a positive impact on the position of all employees and pensioners.

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