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The Port of Bar sells almost 80,000 tons of bauxite

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The Port of Bar has issued a second public call for the sale of bauxite in bulk, which is located in the open storage of the Bulk Terminal. The goal of the sale is to collect claims from the debtor BUMECH S.A. from Poland.

As indicated in the tender, 79,739,518 tons of bauxite are sold, and the initial price is EUR 2.82 million, i.e. EUR 35.41 per ton, according to the Bauxite Valuation Report dated September 30, 2022.

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The second sale of bauxite in bulk will be done by oral public bidding on November 21, starting at 12 noon.

The right to participate in the second public tender is granted to applicants, i.e. all interested legal entities who pay a deposit of 5% of the initial price, namely EUR 141,178.80, or submit a bank guarantee in the amount of 5% of the initial price of bauxite payable on the first invitation without objection, as well as appropriate documentation on the registration of a legal entity, with a translation in English or Montenegrin. Persons who appear in the name and on behalf of other persons are obliged to bring authorizations for participants in the competition.

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The application for participation in the competition, i.e. the form, can be downloaded every working day from the day of publication of the Public Call, up to and including 14 November 2022. the application with the appropriate documentation on the registration of the legal entity and proof of the payment of the deposit, i.e. the provision of a bank guarantee, must be submitted by and including November 15, local media writes.

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