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Advocating for a State Bank in Montenegro: Potential Benefits for Citizens and the Economy

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Economic analyst Predrag Drecun confirmed in the show ‘Neki to vole vruće’ with Irena Tatar on ADRIA TV that he was offered the position of President of the Board of Directors of the Investment and Development Fund (IRF), and that he would try to contribute with knowledge and energy. However, as he said, he will see what the Government of Montenegro will decide in the end.

In principle, I had conversations, and it’s an interesting position. But for me, not so much to build a career because I don’t need that. The concept of developing a bank is interesting; I would try to contribute.

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He explained that the IRF is designed to be transformed into a bank because Montenegro does not have a state bank.

You have 12, 13 banks, and all of them are private. NLB is state-owned, but it’s Slovenian, not Montenegrin. No bank wants to implement state interests. I believe that some deposits would be transferred from private to the state bank, and I think it would be good for citizens and the economy.

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Drecun emphasized that the biggest criticism of his potential appointment is that he used to be the director of Prva banka.

Back then, I realized that the collapse of Prva banka would have had dire consequences and would be a catastrophe for Montenegro. We’ll see what the government decides, but I would try to contribute with my knowledge and energy – he said.

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