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Exploring the allure of Ski Center Kolašin 1600: A destination for every season

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The Ski Center “Kolašin 1600” commenced its operations on May 1st, marking the beginning of a promising season. During the May Day holidays, it saw remarkable attendance, continuing its trend as a popular tourist and recreational spot even during the pre-season.

Renowned among snow sports enthusiasts, Ski Center Kolašin 1600 stands out as a focal point for spring and summer activities in Montenegro’s mountainous regions. At the heart of this attraction lies the “Troglava” restaurant and cafe bar, offering a blend of local delicacies from the Bjelasica region and international cuisine, all served at competitive prices. Boasting a four-star rating, this establishment ensures a delightful culinary experience for visitors of all ages. Additionally, families can delight in the expansive outdoor playground spanning over 300m2, providing a complimentary space for children to enjoy amidst the natural surroundings.

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One of the highlights during the warmer months is the Troglava cable car, providing guests with a breathtaking panoramic journey to an altitude of 2035m, offering unparalleled views of the mountain landscape.

Moreover, the Ski Center Montenegro underscores the diverse opportunities for active tourism available beyond the winter season. From well-maintained family cycling tracks to the thrilling tubing course, there’s something for everyone seeking adventure and outdoor fun.

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To further enhance the visitor experience, the ski center has curated a dynamic events program in collaboration with local authorities and organizations. From dance days to the return of the esteemed Tango camp, along with concerts and sports tournaments, there’s a myriad of engaging activities planned for guests of all ages. These events not only add to the entertainment value but also contribute to fostering a vibrant community spirit.

With its array of offerings, Ski Center Kolašin 1600 continues to be a preferred destination for families and adventure seekers alike. Ski Center Montenegro invites all interested individuals to stay informed about upcoming events and indulge in moments of relaxation and enjoyment at Ski Center Kolašin 1600.

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