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Exploring energy cooperation: Montenegro’s EPCG and slovenian firms

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Montenegro’s Power Utility (EPCG) is exploring collaboration opportunities with Slovenian firms in the energy sector and remains receptive to Slovenia’s insights and recommendations in this domain.

During a visit to EPCG, Slovenian Ambassador to Montenegro, Bernarda Gradišnik, engaged in discussions with Milutin Đukanović, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO Ivan Bulatović, and their teams.

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“EPCG presented its strategic projects, primarily focusing on renewable energy sources (RES), constituting part of an investment cycle valued at approximately 400 million euros. The dialogue also encompassed potential cooperation avenues with Slovenian counterparts in energy and IT security,” stated EPCG.

Đukanović briefed Gradišnik on the company’s performance over the past three years, emphasizing the formulation of a robust plan during this period.

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He underscored the significance of developmental ventures in transitioning towards green energy, highlighting ongoing projects like Solari 3000+ and 500+, aligning with the ethos of “produce where you spend.”

“By year-end, we anticipate the installation of nearly 100 megawatts (MW) of solar panels across Montenegro,” Đukanović disclosed.

EPCG representatives elaborated on Montenegro’s vast potential in hydro and solar energy, alongside strategies for leveraging existing hydro infrastructure to integrate solar power projects.

Discussions also delved into specific projects such as the Komarnica hydropower plant and the strategic importance of integrating the A8 unit into the Perućica hydropower plant, as well as maximizing the utility of the Bileća Lake.

Bulatović expressed keen interest in collaborative ventures with Slovenian entities in the energy sector and stressed the value of leveraging Slovenia’s expertise, given its EU membership status, to ensure compliance with European regulations in EPCG’s energy ventures.

“Our investment agenda is clear – advancing clean energy initiatives for a sustainable environment,” emphasized Bulatović.

Gradišnik lauded EPCG’s forward-looking approach to green energy transition and its adherence to international standards.

She underscored the importance of knowledge exchange between the two nations and introduced representatives from a Ljubljana-based company specializing in cyberattack protection, with existing partnerships in Montenegro.

Mitja Trampuž from Creoplus emphasized the significance of robust cybersecurity strategies for companies and proposed collaboration to mitigate future cyber threats.

Brano Poleksić, Executive Director of EPCG’s ICT and DTP Directorate, assured that EPCG is equipped with robust IT infrastructure and has initiated protocols to address cyber threats promptly.

“In anticipation of cyber threats, we’ve activated protocols to respond swiftly. Collaborating with partners and experts is crucial to safeguarding our systems,” Poleksić concluded.

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