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Good air connectivity is of crucial importance

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Good air connectivity is of crucial importance for promoting Montenegro as a tourist destination, but infrastructure challenges represent a dominant obstacle in tourism development, said the Minister of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Development of the North, Vladimir Martinović.

“The highway, as one of the most significant capital projects, creates numerous development opportunities for tourism,” said Martinović.

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He added that Montenegro is a unique tourist destination, but it is necessary to seriously analyze the realistic assumptions for the development of certain types of tourism that are competitive and authentic, remaining its comparative advantage.

“The challenges facing our destination are mostly challenges at the global tourism level. However, Montenegro has had the opportunity to position itself much better in terms of tourism, especially after the pandemic, particularly on high-paying markets,” said Martinović.

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He believes that, in this regard, activities should be intensified and a diversified and high-quality offer should be developed.

“To achieve this, it is necessary to strategically solve the challenges related to infrastructure and superstructure, which are a precondition for the further development of the destination,” explained Martinović.

He stated that in recent years there has been a growing trend of tourists’ needs to find an oasis of peace and spend holidays in nature, as well as tourists’ desire to fulfill specific interests.

“In this sense, the offer in Montenegrin rural households, which has significantly developed in the last few years, represents the right response to modern trends in tourist demand. It has become a global tourism challenge that Montenegro applies in creating its offer,” said Martinović.

He emphasized that many tourists from almost all meridians stay in Montenegrin rural households and enjoy a healthy lifestyle, traditional cuisine, hospitality of hosts, and directly participate in their daily activities.

“There are numerous examples where hosts, based on guests’ interests, make daily arrangements, i.e., individualization of services. In this way, tourists gain knowledge about our traditional customs and culture, preserving and spreading the identity of the way of life in rural areas of Montenegro, creating the opportunity to promote the destination in that regard,” announced Martinović.

He said that the offer in rural households is already successfully developing, but he hopes that this trend will go upward.

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