Monday, April 22, 2024
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Unveiling the latest tourism trends in Kotor: A snapshot of visitor data

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According to the Kotor Tourist Organization, Kotor is currently hosting 1.52 thousand tourists.

The majority of these guests are opting for private accommodations, with 1.34 thousand staying in such facilities. Among them, tourists from Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the United States are the most prevalent, as per Radio Kotor’s report.

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In hotel accommodations, there are 164 guests, with a notable presence of tourists from Turkey, China, and Germany. Additionally, 21 guests have chosen to stay in hostels.

Last week, Kotor welcomed 3.36 thousand day-trippers, with peak numbers observed over the weekend. The most common visitor groups hailed from France, Turkey, Germany, and China.

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