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Advancing fiscal confidence: Ministry of Finance spotlights partnership with State Audit Institution

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The basic goal of the Ministry of Finance is to strengthen budgetary credibility, seen as one of the parameters of trust in institutions, as stated by the Minister in charge, Novica Vuković. He added that in this regard, the State Audit Institution (DRI) plays a significant role.

Speaking at the opening of the conference of the Network of Supreme Audit Institutions of candidate countries and potential candidates, on the topic of the final account audit, held in Budva, Vuković stated that due to its role and importance in the budgetary process and institution strengthening, DRI represents the most important instrument of parliamentary control.

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“The Ministry of Finance and the Government as a whole see DRI as a significant partner and support in working towards promoting responsible spending of public funds and managing public property. This is imperative for the actions of this Government because without strengthening managerial responsibility in managing public funds, there are no stable public finances,” said Vuković.

He emphasized that recommendations from DRI, as an important aspect of auditing the budget’s final account, are a significant input for the next budgetary cycle and must, therefore, be clear, precise, achievable, and grounded in principles of quality.

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Vuković expressed satisfaction that one segment of the conference is dedicated to improving the quality of recommendations from supreme audit, highlighting their impact on the further work of audit entities and increasing attention and responsibility in managing public funds and decision-making based on principles of good governance.

The two-day conference in Budva is organized by the Network of Supreme Audit Institutions of candidate countries and potential candidates for EU membership with the support of SIGMA.

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