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Montenegro, a great destination for filming industry

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The effects of foreign filming represent a great benefit for the economy in Montenegro. Although we do not have large film studios that could attract foreign productions, we can boast of fantastic locations and over 270 sunny days a year, said Aleksandra Božović, director of the Film Center of Montenegro.

An example, says Božović, is the big Hollywood action franchise, the last installment of which was supposed to be filmed in Montenegro. However, that project did not come to fruition, and it is assumed by the public that it is about the movie “Fast and Furious”, although the Film Center has not confirmed this.

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– Only in the course of preparation, while numerous tours of the locations of foreign producers and film crews were organized, significant spending on accommodation and transportation was realized, and that should have been only a small part of the total spending that was planned in Montenegro – Božović told.

She said that the sluggishness of some state institutions that were involved in that process resulted in the fact that the producers, after several months of preparations, eventually gave up on filming in Montenegro.

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– Although the Film Center is dedicated to promoting Montenegro as an attractive film destination, the success of the implementation of those projects does not depend only on us, but on a large number of other state bodies and institutions that must show flexibility when it comes to cinematography, because its benefits are unquestionable – Božović states.

Božović told Radio Montenegro that through the program of incentive measures branded as “Film in Montenegro”, which was started in 2019, the state has so far earned close to EUR 900,000 from only three realized TV productions.

According to her, what we can use to attract foreign productions are fantastic locations and sunny days, of which there are over 270 in Montenegro.

– That’s why we promote Montenegro as a kind of “outdoor studio” – says Božović.

When asked if it is necessary to create a catalog of locations, which would list “film-friendly” locations in Montenegro, Božović says that all locations represent a business environment favorable to film if there is a good location manager.
She points out that we don’t have many of them in Montenegro, but the few who do that work are great.

She says they are sort of a walking catalog of locations.

– In addition, at the beginning of 2021, the Film Center launched the web platform, where you can find an overview of attractive locations throughout Montenegro, as well as numerous useful information about incentives for filming, an address book of production companies in Montenegro, a list of filmed films and series, and more. In addition, as part of the Creative Montenegro program, we produced an extensive brochure with an even larger overview of locations and other useful information for foreign producers – said Božović.

A Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Film Center and the National Tourist Organization.

– We are planning to create joint promotional material with which both the NTO and the Film Center would enrich their offer at fairs, markets and festivals where we are regular guests. In addition, in coordination with them, we will work on the education of local tourist boards, which in the future could become the main point of contact for producers in all stages of the realization of film projects: from abundant locations, through obtaining filming permits from the competent services and finally the promotion itself – says Božović.

Božović concluded that with the incentive measures they undertook, they became competitive with neighboring countries that introduced similar incentives long before Montenegro.

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