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The focus is on the third airport in Montenegro

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Montenegro has not given up on activating a third airport in Nikšić or Berane, he said from the World Economic Forum in Davos.

As he stated, when it comes to a large company dealing with aviation, the focus is on the third airport in Montenegro.

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– What I think would be the best solution is to put the airport in Berane or Nikšić into operation. We are not giving up on those plans to activate a third airport in Montenegro, regardless of whether it would be for passenger or cargo traffic – said Abazović.

According to him, the development of infrastructure and air traffic is a strategic and crucial branch of the future development of our country.

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– I think that the prerequisites for opening such a business are really good and Montenegro can use this opportunity – said Abazović.

As he said in a video statement, he had the opportunity to talk with investors from Kuwait and South Korea about investments in the energy sectors and innovations and assessed that Montenegro should take advantage of these development opportunities.

– When it comes to the meeting with the president of South Korea, the tenth economy in the world and with numerous companies and the director of Hyundai, I think that the desire of South Korea to be present in this part of Europe, especially in countries like Montenegro, is really enormous and that I we have to use it – said Abazović.

We must, he stated, have ready-made projects that they could implement in a certain period.

– We talked about energy, but also about innovations. This is what interests South Korea. There was talk about the Airports of Montenegro, and at the moment we don’t have a final decision about it, but it is important that new markets appear – assessed Abazović.

Abazović believes that the Far East is our development opportunity because we are a small country, and with a small number of travelers coming from large countries, such as the countries in the Far East, it would make a significant positive impact in Montenegro.

– We also spoke with a company that deals with marketing, especially marketing in tourism and the representation of Montenegro and the sympathy that the country has, not only among investors and companies, but also politically, which we felt in Davos, we have to use it – he said.
The Prime Minister said that It would be good if we sometimes see ourselves the way others see us.

– Others see Montenegro as a unique country. They do not see some of our internal problems, nor are they too interested, but they see us as a country that is safe, to which they like to come and a country that is unexplored – said Abazović.

Therefore, as he said, if it is used as a comparative advantage, we will not have any problem with the tourist season, nor will we have a problem in finally starting the development of large infrastructure projects.

The development of Montenegro is what we should be concerned with, and not to always have a negative view of our country.

Montenegro is on the right path, Montenegro knows its direction and just needs to take advantage of its chances. I am sure that we will use those chances – said Abazović.

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