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Building stronger economic links: Montenegro and Slovenia explore collaboration opportunities

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Montenegro and Slovenia are strengthening their economic and political ties, a fact highlighted during a recent business forum between the two nations. Over the past decade, Montenegro has emerged as an attractive destination for investment, drawing interest from numerous Slovenian companies. Despite this progress, there’s still significant potential for further collaboration, particularly in areas like digitalization, IT services, energy, tourism, agriculture and wood processing.

During Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar’s official visit to Montenegro, the Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with its Slovenian counterpart, SPIRIT Slovenia agency, and with support from the European Entrepreneurship Network, organized a business forum and bilateral discussions between Montenegrin and Slovenian business representatives.

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The aim was to explore opportunities for enhancing economic relations between the two countries, familiarize Slovenian entrepreneurs with business prospects in Montenegro, and inform Montenegrin businesses about opportunities for operating in Slovenia. Nina Drakić, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, expressed confidence that the business forum would bolster economic cooperation between the two states.

“We’re gathered here today in the presence of both heads of state, underscoring the strengthening economic and political ties between Montenegro and Slovenia. I believe these meetings will open new economic horizons, fostering partnerships and friendships among companies and businesspeople,” Drakić remarked.

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She thanked Slovenia for actively promoting European Union enlargement to the Western Balkan countries, recognizing Montenegro’s contribution to regional stability and cooperation, as well as its role within the NATO alliance.

Drakić emphasized Slovenia’s highly developed economy, noting its achievements in environmental sustainability and balanced economic policies.

“Montenegro aims to emulate these positive experiences, which we’ve largely been doing since gaining independence and particularly after becoming a full member of NATO,” she added.

Drakić highlighted Montenegro’s attractiveness as an investment destination over the past decade, its efforts to meet European standards, and its economic prosperity. She noted the presence of numerous Slovenian companies in Montenegro today but stressed the need for further collaboration, particularly in boosting Montenegro’s export capabilities.

“We believe there’s room to open new fields of cooperation, and Slovenian investors will recognize opportunities in various sectors of Montenegro’s economy,” Drakić said.

Vesna Nahtigal, General Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia, expressed satisfaction with leading a business delegation to Montenegro.

“Our pre-accession slogan twenty years ago was ‘Europe Now,’ and today, Slovenian citizens view our EU membership as a success and a benefit,” she noted.

Nahtigal highlighted Slovenia’s contributions to EU objectives and its economic cooperation with Montenegro. She encouraged Montenegrin partners to continue projects and assured them of support from both chambers of commerce.

Montenegrin President Jakov Milatović remarked that the forum was organized following his visit to Slovenia last year. He noted the pioneering role of Slovenian companies in Montenegro’s development and the reciprocal opportunities for Montenegrin companies in Slovenia.

“Let’s use this gathering to strengthen economic cooperation and lay the groundwork for future collaboration,” Milatović urged.

Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar expressed satisfaction with the forum’s outcome, emphasizing the strong bilateral relations and the untapped potential for further economic cooperation.

“I welcome Montenegro’s efforts on its Euro-Atlantic path and believe in the mutual benefits of enhanced economic cooperation,” she said.

Pirc Musar also underscored Slovenia’s support for Montenegro and its commitment to fostering a safe and predictable business environment.

“Increasing cooperation will benefit both countries, and we look forward to future endeavors,” she concluded.

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