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Wind and solar power initiatives planned for Korita, Bijelo Polje

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In the Bijelo Polje settlement of Korita, plans are underway to construct a wind farm with a total installed capacity of 72.60 MW.

This development is evident from the proposal for urban-technical conditions, released on the Government’s website to facilitate the implementation of this project. The initiative comes from Podgorica-based companies Vjetro park Korita, Sistem-MNE, and PerMonte.

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The designated area for the wind farm spans approximately 162 hectares, and the project envisions the installation of 11 wind turbines with a combined capacity of 72.60 MW, according to a preliminary assessment conducted by Sistem-MNE.

The wind farm will be situated across multiple cadastral parcels, with four parcels falling under state ownership. Lease agreements for these parcels have been formalized with the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction, and State Property, in collaboration with the consortium of companies mentioned earlier.

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Earlier this year, the Ministry had issued a call for leasing land in Bijelo Polje’s Korita settlement for the establishment of a wind farm. Under this call, land leases for 30 years were offered, with the lessee required to develop wind turbines with a capacity of 6.6 MW each. The total area available for leasing amounted to approximately 150 hectares.

Additionally, plans include the construction of a solar power plant with a capacity of 240 MW in the same settlement, with an estimated investment value of around 200 million euros. This venture is spearheaded by EE Korita, a company based in Bijelo Polje. Earlier this year, the company finalized a contract with the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System for integrating the solar power plant into the transmission system.

The investor for this solar project is European Energy, a Danish company renowned for its expertise in developing solar and wind energy projects.

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